Saturday, May 2, 2009

la showcase

what's the one sound that a performer dreads to hear in place of applause? well, that's what we heard at our showcase in la.  not necessarily from the agents who attended, but from a more unsuspecting source.  yes, ladies and gentleman, the picture posted above gives you a little taste of our classy backstage area.  it strangely somehow resembled a wwii bomb shelter.  it was a classy institution, as ben would say.  but my favorite part about it was the resident cricket.  i think i shall call him jiminy.  apparently he was serious about the showcase and was competing for the agent's attention because he didn't stop all night.
i rode in a suburban with chelsea (mommy), ben (tsaddy), julie, debs, stash and cory.  we had so much fun. maybe too much fun.  we were ahead of the other burbs by the time we reached vegas, so we stopped here...


...and we were happy campers

working the blocking on our cute little midget stage in la

soakin' up some sun on the grass outside of in-n-out


  1. I love your blog! I wish I was there to watch your showcase (and to party it up like it's 1999 in LA of course).....oh wait, am I allowed to use capital letters in comments on your blog? I mean, it is your blog after all. I don't want to overstep any boundaries.

  2. i thought about banning you for a second, but then i got over it. i'm glad you like my blog. :) stay tuned for more adventures! and i can't wait to blog about our adventures together when we're stars!!