Wednesday, May 6, 2009

ny treasures

one of my favorite things about new york city is that it's full of little treasures.  there are so many whole-in-the-wall restaurants that are hugely ambianceful and make some of the best food you've ever tasted.  there are also adorable little shops, amazing hole-in-the-wall jazz clubs and so much more!  i love exploring the city and finding new treasures every time i'm there.  here are a few of the treasures we found last week...

"baked by melissa".  located 529 broadway (on spring st. btw. broadway and mercer).  they are the tiniest, tastiest little cupcakes in the city.  adorable.  while buying some i met melissa herself, who is a doll.  if you're ever in the city, try them! 

my new d&g sunglasses, which i bought on canal street (real d&g, of course).  we found lots of fun purchases on canal street that day

the shake shack.  best burger you'll ever eat.  or so i hear.  i was sick with food poisoning the night before everyone ate here, so i wasn't quite ready to handle a burger. but everyone raved about this place and i intend to try it next time i'm in the city.

5 napkins.  so ambianceful.  really yummy gourmet burgers.

 cosi. a fancy cafe downtown with amazing pizza!


  1. love this post and all the pictures. It actually reminded me of "Sex and the City" since it introduces you so much to NYC and the whole show just exudes a true love for the city. In fact, one of the episodes was even dedicated to NYC and the cast's love for it. I think that when you actually move there you would really love and appreciate the show...but shhhh, don't tell mom : )

  2. and I love the idea of finding "treasures" in a city. I love how you always find joy in the small things. That's one of the reasons why you'll always live a happy life. Taipei has a lot of treasures too. I really hope you can come visit me here some day.

  3. P.S. I want to meet Melissa too--tell her I say hi next time : )

  4. i think i'll like that show too. i really love the city! i feel like it's my city. and i can't wait to visit taiwan and find treasures with you. in fact, i just put it on my blog as one of the places i want to visit. ;)

  5. ahhh so great! I love the city! Your trip looked like a blast! What are you up to now?

  6. girl! i'm at tuacahn performing for the summer...'till october actually. come visit me and see the shows!!!