Saturday, May 2, 2009

the circus of f.i.e.r.c.e

peej and i celebrated the last day of classes by going to the britney spears/pussycat dolls concert in salt lake city.  we had so so much fun!! 
 a. because pj is one of my favorite people in the world and we have so much fun together.
 b. because what more do you need in a night than b spears and pcd?
let me tell you, this concert was one of the more amazing places i have ever people watched. ever. everything from drag to the hoochiest girls you've ever seen in your life.  and then there was peej and i.  
we met up with/ran into a lot of fun friends there... jaremy, dani, ben, presty, jared, jamie, annie, corrine and jonathan.
pj said that the bathroom smelled so much like pot that he swore he came out of there high. 
we sat next to a cute 14 year-old girl who wasn't allowed to come to the concert by herself, so she bought a ticket for her grandma who sat with earplugs in the whole time and didn't crack a smile.  she was really nice though.  what a good sport.  the girl was really cute.  she stood up to dance with peej and i the whole time. 
it was pretty awesome to see the biggest, most talked about star of the 21st century live.  and i forgot how many of the pussycat dolls songs i love!  they have so many good songs and they were amazing live.  

britney herself... in the flesh

nicole scherzinger. a-mazing.

we were pretty excited ...pj might have peed a little

classy britney in all her glory

pcd in all their glory.  not gonna lie, i loved them just as much if not more than britney!

such a party!

the clan


  1. um...a-mazing!!! This pretty much completes me...and I wasn't even there. Just the fact that you and PJ saw her in person somehow makes my life so much better and more meaningful.
    I've always loved Britney and I've always known that she would have an amazing comeback and return to her glory! : )

  2. loves her. and loves pussycat dolls. unreal. it was the sexiest concert ever.

  3. your country is wonderful for me ~~
    all the place look like confortable and clean....especially the beach ~~crystal clear of the water ~~although im not 100% understand what u are written xD~
    but i wish u success in your career and your brother ..haha~~
    i'm sorry about my broken english pls don't mind it.....
    and you said the people who is unfortunate death in the swine flu sad to heard about it .....take care^^

    By:Coffee catz