Wednesday, January 20, 2010

baby jane...

on new years eve, these beautiful people became parents.
katharine and john welcomed this sweet little girl into the world...

{baby jane}

kitty and john, i'm so proud of you both and love you so much!
wish i could be there to hold her.

i can't believe how quickly time flies. it seems like yesterday kitty and i were galavanting around europe with our families and missing teeth...

love you, kitty!

niagara falls...

this past sunday, a group of us rented zipcars and headed to niagara falls.
i had never been to the falls before. it was fun to add it to the pyramids and the great wall as the third of the "7 wonders of the world" that i've experienced.
the day was super foggy and a lot of our pictures turned out looking like we were hanging out in a cloud. but i had such a fun day with my magic 24 family!!

{tiffany, claire, moi, jeanna, nikki}

the white hat gang

the falls...

nik nak and i

mosef and justin

my little ginger aussie had never experienced snow in her life. so, i took it upon myself to engage her in her first snowball fight. and we built a darling little snowman, whom she affectionately named "george". i promised that next time, i would demonstrate what a "white wash" is. muahaha. little does she know...

the clan


my dear friend, the beautiful rachael kemery, is in the final runnings for the doritos superbowl commercial contest of 2010.

PLEASE vote for her here:

i'm so proud of you, rachy!

ladies who brunch...

{tiffany, moi, claire, katie}

i just love these ladies.
a few weekends ago, katie introduced us to a new brunch place called "saving grace". in a word: life-changing.
the place was small and vintage. the food was delicious and inventive.
such a fun outing with my girlies.

my delicious hot apple cider

claire-bear's gingerbread latte

new years!

when it comes to partying, magic 24 does not mess around!
our very own john o' malley threw a studio 54 new years eve party in his apt.

our crazy eve was complete with appearances from grace jones...

our host, andy warhol...

and none other than liza minelli...

new years eve wouldn't have been complete without banging pots and pans with my girls... running through the streets like crazy people yelling "happy new year!".

bring it on 2010! i know you have amazing things in store...

to do...

this christmas there was a blizzard in nyc. amidst the snow flurries, an impromptu snowball fight erupted among strangers in times square.
i. love. this.
remind me to do that when i move to the city.