Sunday, July 26, 2009

happy christmas!

this weekend we celebrated christmas in july... organized by the wonderful, talented emily province. thanks em!  thursday night the ladies of 6 fierce (that's us) hosted a ginger bread making party complete with hot cocoa, marshmallows, poinsettias, candles, christmas tunes and mistletoe.  friday night was christmas eve.  we hung our hand-made stockings, put our secret santa presents under the christmas tree and wrote letters to santa while indulging in christmas goodies by twinkle light (my personal christmas/romantic favorite).  
the next morning we all came over in our jammies and opened presents and stockings (emily must have been up all night because she wrote replies to everyone's letters to santa), ate christmas pancakes and played games.  the house was filled with adorable little "orphan" girls and friends that i love.  it was amazing to me how much it felt like christmas... until i stepped outside into the 107 degree sunshine.  my very first christmas in july.  i loved it!

this was the sign hanging on emily's door.  it read, "no need to know... it's christmas and you're family.  come on in!"  so sweet.

a few of the gingerbread houses
 (dan's red top projects, kristin's beautious cabin and  kyle's famous tucahn mountain... in honor of the 2009 cast of tuacahn)

the christmas morning scene

emmy... my favorite orphan

too legit to quit...

it's been my observation that all of my friends who are great performers have very homey little dressing room stations.  i recently came to the realization that i can't be a legitimate, professional performer unless i have a placemat at my station.  so... ta da!!

...i think that was the next big step in my professional career.  i'm legit now.
thank you target.

peep show

...this picture makes me ha ha.

it's official...

... i've been seriously neglecting my blog as of late.  i guess i never expected to have quite this much fun at tuacahn this summer.  just... so. much. fun.
here's a little list of things that i've LOVED...
barbeques and ultimate frisbee
lasermania goodness
4th of july party at 6f (better known as 6 fierce)... my apt. with my amazing roomies!! followed by kyle fowler fireworks extravaganza (i might add that this was the first party i've hosted with alcohol.  granted, i took shots of yummy gatorade while my friends had chocolate cake shots.  i had a good laugh getting to know their drunk personalities)
appearing as lady gaga at the boys' white party
tuacahn scavenger hunt (the funnest, craziest, most illegal night of my life!! check out my videos on facebook for a good laugh)
vegas, baby!  with jenn, kristin, dan, kyle, dan's friends and i
christmas in july- with our cast family (a more complete blog post to follow)

hole in the wall restaurant in vegas.  yummy, quaint italian place.

roomie photo opt. on the 4th!

my home made strawberry cream pie with graham cracker crust was a hit.  the boys tried to steal it.

part of the 4th of july clan

jenn, jake and i got into a spur-of-the-moment cupcake fight.  and yes, that is jake... just dominated on kitchen floor.

white party!

gaga and back-up dancers jesse and terranze

gaga and the beautiful aaron and darby meadows

bbq and ultimate frisbee

with caroline (molly) on christmas morning

merry christmas... everyone!

gingerbread making party

gaga and terranze

you know your party was a hit when...

lasermania... a morning complete with laser tag, bumper cars and glow-in-the dark mini golf

tuacahn scavenger hunt

team thayne!!

Friday, July 17, 2009


i'm obsessed with this blog that i found.  it reeks of class.  can't get enough...

Friday, July 10, 2009

the sun'll come out...

going on for mrs. pugh and star-to-be tonight.  allyson's surprising her boyfriend and attending her best friend's wedding in manhattan this weekend.  have so much fun allyson!!
here i go, wish me luck...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

gonna make a change, gonna make a difference...

i was glued to the funeral services at the gym today.  it was really touching.  it's hard to believe that mj's really gone.  
no one will ever come close to touching michael jackson's talent.  
he really was the king of pop. one of the greatest performers that ever lived.
 i remember listening to his songs when i was little.  i loved him.  his music makes me feel alive.  he inspires me to be a greater singer, dancer and overall performer.
i also remember, as a little girl, being really confused by footage from his concerts where girls would pass out and be carried out on stretchers.  people just love him.
i loved seeing captain eo at disneyland and i loved watching moonwalker with rob when i was little.  smooth criminal was my favorite- michael jackson in a white suit with a white hat and smooth moves.  
it think mj's the reason i developed jungle fever. 
dear michael, rest in peace.  you changed the world.  you made a difference.

baby momma...

tonight i got the happiest phone call that i've received in a long time.  my best friend katharine is pregnant!!!!!!!!!
here are the beautiful expecting parents...

it's hard to believe that this girl...

kitty and i on loch lomand in scotland when we were just little midgets with missing teeth

has grown into this girl...

when did we grow up, kitty?  i love you very, very much and i can't wait to be an aunt again!!
congrats kitty and john!  i love you both.

Monday, July 6, 2009


today i cried at the gym in the cardio cinema while running to this movie...

it's a great flick. 
 warning:  running on a treadmill while crying can be dangerous!