Wednesday, July 8, 2009

gonna make a change, gonna make a difference...

i was glued to the funeral services at the gym today.  it was really touching.  it's hard to believe that mj's really gone.  
no one will ever come close to touching michael jackson's talent.  
he really was the king of pop. one of the greatest performers that ever lived.
 i remember listening to his songs when i was little.  i loved him.  his music makes me feel alive.  he inspires me to be a greater singer, dancer and overall performer.
i also remember, as a little girl, being really confused by footage from his concerts where girls would pass out and be carried out on stretchers.  people just love him.
i loved seeing captain eo at disneyland and i loved watching moonwalker with rob when i was little.  smooth criminal was my favorite- michael jackson in a white suit with a white hat and smooth moves.  
it think mj's the reason i developed jungle fever. 
dear michael, rest in peace.  you changed the world.  you made a difference.

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