Wednesday, May 13, 2009

one-trip wonder woman

...this is me whenever i get home from the store or any other place from which i acquire a lot of purchases (minus the adorable bags.  maybe sometime i'll have to get me some of those).  in fact, this was me just a few minutes ago when i made a trip to walmart with some friends.
i am definitely a one-trip woman.  i hate making multiple trips from my car (or friend's cars as is currently the case- i'm car-less at the moment) to my house with bags of groceries.  so, i end up muscling all of my bags at once- even if it kills me and my fingers turn a near-amputation purple-y color.  good things and big achievements don't come easy, people! oh, the satisfaction of getting them all in one foul swoop!  yep, can't beat it.  and i will continue to do it... even if it kills me.  


  1. Yeah.. just wait 'til you're buying groceries for your hubby and 6 kids... I'd like to see you try it then =)

    PS I'm only posting anonymously because your format won't let me post any other way for some reason.

    from Katie Higbee

  2. I've been car-less in Asia for almost 3 years now--I'm used to it : )

  3. I do this too! This is why we are besties. :) I miss you. Come back!