Sunday, May 31, 2009

welcome to my future home...

...and there she is.  in all her glory.  the beautiful nyc.  i love her.  i got to visit for 11 hours on friday.  it was heaven.  
i got to play with heidi, cy and preston after my audition and before my flight back to vegas.  presty, heids and i went to lunch (with teddy and peter- the adorable kids that heidi nannys). i just have to take a second to say how much i love heidi.  we are so similar and she just gets me.  and even though we live on opposite sides of the country, we have this uncanny way of finding excuses to visit each other.  it's happened 5 or 6 times in the last 8 months.  we're really good at it. i just love you, heids!
  cy also came to meet us after his audition.  the day i was there he had a call-back for the national tour of annie... which he booked!!!  i'm so proud of you and so so excited for you, cy.  what a guy.
it was so fun to be with friends in my favorite place.  i love you all!

presty and i always find our way to pinkberry!  we're addicted.

this is teddy and his awesome scooter.  he is one of the boys that heidi nannys.  he doesn't know it yet, but he is also my future husband.  and we will live here...

this is his parents house which he, of course, will inherit and in which we will live.

the pictures are blurry, but you get the point.  it was two stories and incredibly beautiful.  talk about a ny dream home on the upper west end. 
yes, please.

hangin' out in central park with presty, cy and heids


  1. what a fun trip! I'm so glad that you and Heidi can be besties, she really is amazing and I'm sure you two have so much fun together. I've always wanted to be friends with her and I've tried so hard to rendezvous with her at least once over the past 4 years without any success, so I'm glad I can live vicariously through you :)

  2. Looks like a blast! I need to come to Tuacahn and see you guys! keep us posted on the audition. You're great!