Saturday, May 2, 2009

the climb

i have a life philosophy that goes like this... the people in your life are what make life worth living.  that thought has led me to learn a valuable lesson over the past few months.  do you ever find yourself focusing on and looking forward to what's coming in the future so much that you don't take the time to really enjoy what's right in front of you? 
the past 3 months have been some of my favorites because i've begun learning to live life in the now.  i've found myself doing things i've always wanted to do and really taking the time to enjoy the experience as it is happening to me.  not just that, but really enjoying the people in my life at the very moment that they are with me.  it's helped me to recognize just how lucky i am to have the friends and loved ones that are in my life.  i've found myself appreciating experiences and adventures, even heart-breaking experiences, for what they are- life experiences. 
the truth is that we all have dreams and goals and we think that once they are reached, we will be truly happy.  but when the day comes that they are reached, we'll think, "wow, that was cool. what's next?"  the trick is to realize that dreams and goals are really about "the climb" that leads us to them. it's about the people who influence, inspire and cheer you along the way.  it's about the lessons you learn and the ways that you change and grow in the journey. that's what makes the goals and the dreams all the sweeter to reach.  
so reach. dream. achieve. but most importantly, live. live in the now.
here's a little shout out to a few of the friends that have been a part of the college portion of my "climb"...i love you all!


  1. That's so sweet. You have to be one of the coolest and most beautiful people I've ever met!

  2. aww, you're sweet Katie. Thanks for reading! I just got here to Tuacahn with Ben Tichy. I hope you and your cute little fam can make it down here sometime this summer. :)

  3. I LOVED this article. I'm trying to do the same thing--live in the now and just enjoy the moment and the experience--as I'm performing on Super Idol. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and life philosophy. I'm so glad that you can share your positive influence and outlook on life with the world and those around you as you grow into the star that you are : )