Sunday, May 24, 2009

st. geezie with my smetchy

gretchy drove down from provo after school yesterday to come visit me.  she showed up at tuacahn while we were in annie rehearsal (sometimes annie rehearsals make for really long days) and i literally lit up!  it was so fun to have her here.  we had so much fun and it was so nice to be with someone who has nothing to do with performing.  i love that.  it helps remind me that there are more facets to my being than becca the performer.  gretchy helps ground me.  i love talking to her.  
we went to the pizza factory and got our favorite dessert called "only on a sunday".  it's a big, warm, not all-the-way cooked chocolate chip cookie with ice cream and caramel.  heaven.  
we spent some much needed sister relaxation time in the hot tub.  and had a good laugh about the drunk kid who hit on us and was very vocal about his frustration when we blew him off.  thanks for the excuse to get in the hot tub, gretch... i really needed that!  
as we were falling asleep in my room last night, gretch looked up at my wall and said, "um... do you see those glow-in-the-dark markings on your wall?"  i had never seen them before but there is definitely a glow-in-the-dark handprint next to a hook (yes people... full on hook.  we're talking like a captain hook/peter pan hook) and something else (we couldn't figure out what it was). creepy.  i'm kind of scared to sleep by myself now.  i need my smetchy!
thanks for visiting, gretch.  i'm excited for you to come back down so we can have more sister adventures!!

we drove by this sign and couldn't resist a benji shout-out!
your sassy sisters miss you, benja!!

life is good when gretchy's around


  1. LOVE you both. Yep. You are good people.

  2. sweet. That's so fun that Gretchy drove down to visit you--I wish I could come visit you guys! The dessert at Pizza Factory sounds heavenly, and I loved the "Benja" shout-out made me laugh out loud : )
    I love you two!

  3. I love those girls. That's it..