Wednesday, May 6, 2009

is he diggin' your treats?

the other morning in the city, i was waiting for ben and cory on the street near the subway.  as i was waiting, i was people watching, of course, as people came up out of the subway stop.  and as i was watching and waiting, i encountered a classic straight/gay moment that made me smile.  
one guy came out of the subway all spiffed up in a suit for work.  as he walked by me, he gave me a smile and checked me out a little.  i smiled back and he went on his way.  
another guy came out of the subway and we happened to catch each other's eye, so i gave him a little courteous smile.  he, on the other hand, looked caught off guard.  he gave a bit of a confused look, an awkward, forced smile and turned the corner as quickly as he could.  i should've taken the hint from his tight pants and pretty hair. he was definitely gay. don't worry mr. cute gay man whoever you are, i wasn't trying to flirt with you, i swear! 
i do find it funny that i get hit on in ny more than any other city i've been to.  however, this past visit, we spent a lot of time in the theatre community so i got a little overlooked because i was hanging out with cory and ben.  better luck next time, i guess... 

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