Saturday, May 2, 2009


this is a picture of my 7-year-old self getting ready to dive into a fjord in norway.  here i am 17 years later, and i'm still feeling a lot like i did in this picture.  here i go, jumping into the unknown.  the rest of my life is still unwritten...


  1. Um love it, love you!! I know exactly what you mean....such a weird feeling...

  2. Hi Becca, I'm one of Benji's fans. He introduced you to us.
    I trust Benji and your dreams will come true soon. I'd like pray for you.

  3. I'm so excited for you Becca!!
    I remember you as that little 7-year old, and I still remember that face you used to make :)
    I know that you truly will get everything you've ever desired and more in the right time and sequence.
    I'm excited to see what's just around the river bend for you :)

  4. Hi Becca, I think that you have been writing your life, 'cause you have a big dream and you'll be a super star in the future (same as Benji). :) You're making your dream come true step by step and we all believe that day is coming soon. Oh~ I'm from Taiwan, one of Bengi's fans too. Sorry for my poor English. :P Good luck and God bless you. ^^

  5. You are still young, Becca. Future is not only unknown but also filled with lots of possiblities. People should make efforts to create every kind of possibilities which they want. I think nothing is more attractive than guys like u and Benji who devote themselves to their dreams. So....just fill in the blanks in your life with something special for yourself.

    By the way, hope u can come to visit Taiwan one day. Most of Benji's fans must want to see u.:)


  6. Hiya, Becca,
    I know your blog from your brother Benji,I am from Taiwan but so far I am living in England. Benji is taking a seeing competition on TV and he sings very well.:) I watch him singing by YouTube website by the way. Wish all of your dreams come truth and so do all of people. Cheers!

    Wishes from England

  7. Hi, Becca

    I'm from Taiwan, too.I am one of Benjii's Fans.
    You have a lovely family.
    You are an outstanding actress.
    Hope to see you in Taiwan.