Wednesday, May 6, 2009

how embarrassing...

so i warned you that becca has her blonde moments.  my family and friends have had such a hay day telling people about my two recent incidents, that i figured i might as well share them and get the embarrassment over with in one foul swoop...  and have a good laugh myself.
after graduation about a week and a half ago, we wanted to take a picture of me jumping in the air in my graduation gown.  so, naturally, i decided to climb on top of a huge wall surrounded by bushes right outside of one of the buildings on campus.  keep in mind that i had to climb on top of a trash can, then a railing and then shimmy my way onto the wall, which left me on all fours before i could get enough balance to stand up.  it was in that very moment of patheticness, whist down on all fours, that who should come walking up the stairwell down below me but the dean of my college accompanied by dallin h. oaks (an apostle of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints).  i happen to know the dean quite well because he toured with the young ambassadors to china back in 2005.  they looked up at me and the dean smiled.... and then the smile melted into a look of confusion.  and luckily, he look away and just kept walking instead of inquiring after the new graduate perched 15 feet above him in the air like parrot.  how embarassing.  this picture says it all...

embarrassing moment #2.  ben, cory and i sat down to dinner at jr.s last friday before seeing billy elliot (just fyi, never eat at jr.s... no matter how amazing cory stephens tells you it is.  it's nothing more than a glorified denny's.  their cheesecake, however, is delicious). 
i just want to preface this story by saying that it had been a long day of shopping and running around and i was tired.  so there we are, looking at the menu (which was frustrating in and of itself because nothing looked good and i just wanted to get ordering out of the way).  it comes time for me to order, i glance down at the menu and say flippantly, "i'll have the chicken par-ma-gee-ana"  the waiter looked at me with a knowing pitty smile and said, "the chicken parmagiana?".  i'll never live that one down.


  1. bwahaha....I just laughed out loud so hard thinking of you perched on top of that wall in cap and gown with the Dean and Dallin H. walking by looking at you in confusion. I love it so hard...haha

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  3. As hard as Benji laughs thinking about it. . .it was even funnier in person. Trust me. whoooo. . . . . . . Love you, Becca! Thanks for being you. . .lifetime of laughs. . . . . . :)

  4. ha! i love that. they walked out just in time.