Saturday, May 2, 2009

graduation!! ...thanks cecil

it's official, friends.  i graduated!!  outta here. finished. alumni. and the picture above doesn't even capture how excited i am about it!  
it's the weirdest feeling.  when my big brothers and sisters were my age, graduating from college, i thought they were so old and grown up.  but i don't feel old and grown up.  i just feel like me.  i still feel really young. maybe it's because brooke and rob were married and had at least one child by the time they were my age.  or maybe this is how everyone feels as they grow older.
i'm so excited for the adventures i'm going to have now that i'm graduated.  i'm starting my first professional performing job on may 4 and then the sky's the limit!  i'm dreaming big and loving every minute of the ride.  so, see ya later byu. thanks for the good times.  i'll always be grateful for what i've learned, the friends i've made and the ways that i have been changed for good.

my dearest friend laner

my boysies. cory and ben. a little ny foreshadowing.

best. dad. ever.

peej, gretch and my mommy

i feel so lucky to have shared graduation with so many great friends and people that i love


  1. It's seriously so crazy that you graduated. I want you to know that I was talking to mom on ichat a few weeks ago about you graduating and I started crying. It's hard to explain why...I'm not sure if I even know why. I guess part of me still longs for the childhood days of all of us living and playing together, and your graduating is just another symbol of us growing up and moving further out into the world. But I am so excited for you and all the amazing things you'll do. But just remember that you'll always be my little sister! : )

  2. P.S. I still feel bad that I didn't write you a song in time for your graduation. I really wanted to. Someday you'll get your song. But for now I hope you enjoy your graduation present--my dedicating "Just Dance" to you in front of all of Taiwan (as lame as that is...haha). I guess "I Hope You Dance" sums up more the sentiment I'd like to share with you, but "Just Dance" is a lot more fun. Now matter what the future brings, just dance! : )
    I love you! : )

  3. thanks benj. :) i will always be your little sister and i'll always love the days when we used to climb in trees, walk to violin together and rollerblade around the house for hours in england. and i love my graduation present, by the way!