Sunday, May 24, 2009

cutler cuties

this is a picture of my older sister brooke, her husband spencer and their beautiful family.  brooke and spence are amazing parents and they have awesome children.  brooke writes emails to the family pretty often sending pictures, telling of their adventures and documenting funny little happenings with the kids.  i look forward to those emails so much.  brooke is an amazing writer and my nieces and nephew are hilarious so it makes for great stories!  
if you have 30 seconds, watch this little video.  it'll make your day, i promise.

the beautiful kirstie.  she is one of the sweetest, most attentive big sisters i've ever seen. and she has a laugh that is contageous.  she is such a good girl.  she takes after her mommy.  

this is one of my favorite pictures with hanna.  i love her camera smile.  it makes me laugh.  hanna loves her brother and sister and she's such an adventurous little girl.  she attacks life with energy.  i love that about her.

this handsome little dude is thomas.  tommy t just started walking!!  i can't believe it.  what a guy.  i'm in love with him.  he's a snuggly little guy and his smile can light up a room.


  1. So cute!!!! I love that video! and I love getting Brooke's emails every week too.
    and I love you! : )

  2. Gosh your family sure makes cute kids. That little picture too of Esther on the side is beautiful. I miss you. Good luck this week.

  3. ohhhhhh. . . . . . I love all you peoples.