Wednesday, May 6, 2009

ladies and gentleman... my big brother!!!

for those of you who might not know, my big brother benji is living in taiwan.  he's currently in the top 12 of taiwan's hit tv show "super idol", which is the chinese equivalent of "american idol".  yep, he's kind of a big deal.  they absolutely love him.  the picture posted above is one of the many cartoon characters that benji's fans have made of him wearing his outfits from the shows. isn't it adorable?  he's so cute i wanna squish him. my brother is a freakin' cartoon!  what a guy.  here's a little clip where you can hear benji's flawless mandarin, beautiful vocals and see how much his fans love him... just remember that i'll always be your biggest fan, benj!!


  1. Dear Becca,
    I come from Taiwan and I am a loyal fan of Benji.
    but I cannot write English well. Please bear
    with me.
    Benji,a cute American,speaks Chinese very well.
    His language ability shortens the distance between him and Taiwanese.
    It is said that you want to an actress of Broadway.
    It is here that there are far too many happiness,anger,grief and joy in the course of study.
    However,the most important thing is insist and hard.

    Beautiful dream comes true.

  2. You are so proud of each other.
    Both of you are great really.
    I think Benji will be in the top 10 soon.
    I do love his performance.


  3. Hi Becca,
    I'm proud to be your big brother Benji's fan.
    His performace has made progress everytime,we can see that he is working very hard for his dream.
    Beside he has a positive attitude towards life..always full of love in the heart.
    You can be his sister that was the admiration of me.:)

  4. Dear Becca,
    I'm Emily...Benji's fans from Taiwan, but i'm living in Melbourne. ^O^
    i like his voice, that's sooooo touching!
    i believe he'll be a super idol in taiwan one day, bcs everyone love him.

    best regards,

    Emily~ ^O^

  5. Hi Becca

    I'm one of your big brother benji's fans from taiwan..I love every song he sings , very touching,also his chinese is really so great ..was wondering how can he speak and write chinese very good:)well..wanna thanks benji told us your website..then I can practice my English :) you guys watch his performance on Youtube? very nice right ? :) today I saw his performance with the other girl...nice dance and voice ..I love it :)
    I will keep support benji..:)


  6. aww...thank Becca. I'm your biggest fan too!!!
    Love you! : )