Monday, May 4, 2009

new york

this is a little picture i took peering out into the city from central park last week while i was in ny.  yes, ladies and gentleman... new york city... my ambianceful city!  it was so good to be back there.  i love it.  i love the people watching.  i love the architecture.  i love that the city is centered around what i love to do.  and i loved sharing the week with friends that i love so much!  
i was in the city to perform in the byu bfa senior showcase.  there were 19 of us featured in a showcase that we performed for casting directors and agents at the sage theatre.  it was a really successful week!  and we were excited to have had representatives from telsey, tara reubin, theatre works and other prestigious agencies and casting companies who attended.  
we saw four shows while we were there.  i saw in the heights (my second time. life changing), west side story (cy, cory, jeff, courney and i bawled), 9 to 5 and billy elliot.  i loved all of them.  my favorite moment of all the shows was watching stephanie j. block sing "get out, stay out."  oh mylanta!  i wanted to jump to my feet and give her a standing ovation as soon as the number was done.  her vocals were unreal and her acting was incredible. dear stephie block... thanks for changing my life last week!
i got to see heidi while i was there too!  she saved me from the hostel and let me stay with her for most of the week.  thanks heidsies, i love you!
besides staying with heidi, we stayed here...

the central park hostel on 103rd... right by the projects

in the heights with courtney, jeff, chelsea, presty, cory, ben, emily, jenny, kevin and cy

daniel, ben, cy, julie, cory, alexis and i after the showcase at sage theatre

times square with my boysies ben and cory. i love you boys!

west side story with jeff and courtney, cory, ben and cy

john came to visit me while he was in the city :) thanks johnny!

billy elliot with ben, presty (who was dying of swine flu in this picture), jenny and cory


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you had fun and that you liked that song. I guess I know you pretty well :O) Still think you need to sing it.

  2. What a fun week. I still can't believe that you are an MDT grad and that you've already done your NYC trip--crazy. I still haven't seen In the Heights but I listen to it ALL the time. When definitely need to plan a trip to NYC sometime when I'm back in the States--or in other words, I need to plan a trip there to come see you : ) I haven't been there in EIGHT years!

  3. guess you do know me kara, baby. :) i really wanna sing it now! what are you doing this summer, girl? did you tell me you were doing face character?