Sunday, May 24, 2009

did you say it?

i'm not a faithful grey's watcher.  i've only seen two episodes.  they both happened to be season finales.  but i have to say that after watching the season 5 finale, i really want to see the rest.  it rocked my world.  a big group of us got together to watch it on ben's tivo and, by the end, we were a room full of blubbering fools.  there wasn't a dry eye in the room.  i am in love  with the message of the episode.  it was summed up beautifully in meredith's final monologue.  
"did you say it?  i love you.  i don't ever wanna live without you.  you changed my life... did you say it?  make a plan.  set a goal.  work toward it.  but every now then, look around.  drink it in.  'cause this is it.  it might all be gone tomorrow." 
                                -meredith grey

if you need to be reminded how precious the people you love are, or how special the time is that you get to spend with them, just watch the following clip... 


  1. I've never seen grey's anatomy, but I keep hearing that I have to watch this season finale, so I think I might. Thanks for the further endorsement : )

  2. i am a faithful watcher. AND this. oh my. i was crying my eyes out. so good. such a good message. THANK you for posting it. heart you!

  3. I don't watch Grey's Anatomy, but I LOVE that picture of you and Han. . . .