Tuesday, March 31, 2009

thinking of you

i loved this song the very first time i heard it, long before they started playing it on the radio.  i think katy perry is a brilliant lyricist.  and this song never gets old to me.  it gets me every time.
someone once asked me, "would you rather be married to someone who could never love you but who you were completely in love with or married to someone who is desperately in love with you but who you could never really love?"  i have no idea and i think it's a really mean question.  unrequited love, you are the meanest thing i have ever come across in life.  just thought you should know.


  1. Remember when you introduced this to us on our travels in Mexico?
    Love the song. LOVE it.
    It gets me too.

  2. You always seem to know music before it comes out on the radio...well where do you hear a song before it comes out on the radio?

  3. This was my first time hear this song too. I love Katy Perry and I also especially love her for her lyrics. You made me laugh when you wrote "i have no idea and i think it's a really mean question"...haha. All I know is that I hate the feeling of someone liking me so much more than I like them (it seems to happen a lot...haha)