Tuesday, March 17, 2009

if you're on vay-cay it's o-kay

last week i sent a text to zack that said, "you know what would be fun..."
he replied with, "taking a road trip down to st. george this weekend?"  ...that's why i love zack. he gets me.
so this past weekend conner, zack, kira and i took a break from provo and went down to st. george. we stayed with zack's grandma and grandad.  i adopted zack's grandma nanni as my own.  i love her.  we decided that we're going to be family this summer while i'm living down there. 
we originally planned this trip so we could watch the byu bball team win their championship game down in vegas. luckily, they ended up losing the night before the big game... because what we did was way more fun.  
saturday morning we slept in, woke up to grandma nanni's homemade breakfast and went for a run on the beautiful st. george red rock.  we climbed down a gully and sat on some huge boulders for a while talking and thinking about life (one of my favorite things).  then we free-style ran down through the gully (something else i love to do... brooke and i used to do it all the time when we went hiking).  
that afternoon we headed to vegas where we were met by a free hotel room at the vegas hilton which included free room-service and a free meal at any restaurant in the hotel. thank you bart and michelle oates! we may or may not have ordered about $350 of free room service this weekend.
that night we took a tram to one end of the strip and took a little stroll stopping by mgm to see the lions (which kira and i loved), the ny ny to have some tasty pizza, the paris to see the eiffel tower and the billagio to see the fountains, blown glass and gardens.  we spent the rest of the evening relaxing in our room with a movie and dessert on the tab.  
not bad for kira's first vegas experience!

the clan.

kira.  love this girl.

in-n-out... of course.

the lions at mgm.  we stood in the tunnel right underneath these big kitties.

mr. conner


  1. Becca,
    Thanks so much for inviting me this weekend. It very well may have kept me from going crazy these last four weeks of school. It was a great first time to Vegas. I don't think it gets much better.

  2. simply put...we party hardy, thats all there is to it. oh and Harder, longer

  3. You have been doing all the coolest things! That sounds like SUCH a fun trip. I LOVE Vegas, and I'm so excited to go again with you guys sometime in the near future! (Luckily I'm going to be very rich very soon : )