Tuesday, March 17, 2009

thank you boyz ii men

two weekends ago my friend weston invited me to road trip out to wendover with him and some other friends to see boyz ii men in the flesh.  i lived in england during the boyz ii men craze so didn't really know what to expect.  but weston and geoff were so excited.  geoff wore the boyz ii men t-shirt that he used to wear in high school and both of them wore the backstage passes they had bought when boyz ii men came to utah this past fall.  their excitement was pretty contageous.  
we played around at one of the casinos and had a buffet dinner before the show.  our seats for the show were amazing.  they were right up front in cushy, leather seats.  we were so close that we got to go up to the stage during some of the songs.  i went up with a crowd of other girls during "on bended knee" and they came to the edge of the stage to give each of us roses. i may or may not have touched each of their hands.  they also had everyone call their moms during "momma" and took a couple of the cell phones to sing to people's moms.  they were really cute.  three black men with amazing black voices in beautiful suits...not a bad night! thanks westy! and of course, the only way to top off a night like that is with frozen yogurt. we stopped by red mango once we got back to salt lake. yum. 

the group. geoff, shannon, weston and me

my rose from nathan

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