Monday, March 30, 2009

cavity free!!!

went to the dentist today and i have no cavities!!!  i repeat... none.  for most of you normal people out there in the world that might not be a big deal.  but for someone whose older sister once came back from the dentist with 12 cavities (that's right, 12... in one sitting.  this was obviously before she discovered the beauty that is sugar-free gum... and no brooke, you'll never live that one down) this is revolutionary.  my family has a history of soft teeth, people.  so let me have my moment of glory.   my teeth feel a little like this guy.  that's right, i've got super schwartz teeth!  i can almost feel pj's coveting eyes as he reads this.  numbness wear off yet, squeege? 


  1. Good job, bec bec. Thanks again for the mini-floss.
    p.s. I like your background. did you really figure out all by yourself how to go in and edit HTML?

  2. haha...I am sincerely impressed. I admit that I will be a little nervous to go back to the dentist one day after being in Asia so long with no insurance for dentist visits....pretty scary for a Schwartz : )