Saturday, March 28, 2009

pound it

sometimes i have awesome dumb blonde moments.  and by awesome i mean pretty hilarious and usually very embarrassing.   mostly they're brought out by my family, but a couple of weeks ago one slipped out in a conversation with a provo police officer.  
i had been in an accident near campus and a local policeman came to help us sort out all of the paper work.  pj, being the sweet brother that he is, came to hang out with me while we got everything worked out.  while pj and i were talking and laughing, as usual, the officer came over to relay some information.  he said, "now if you have any problems, just give me a call at 422-2222."  
well, as he was saying that, he held out his fist (maybe to physically emphasize each number that he was rattling off? we'll never know) and naturally, i figured he wanted me to pound it.  so, i did.  but just as our knuckles collided, i realized that he hadn't wanted to me pound it at all.  my mind was so preoccupied by figuring all of this out and being mortified that i had just pounded it with a police officer that i completely missed his phone number and had to ask him to repeat it.  422-2222?  hello, maybe one of the easiest phone numbers in the book!  neither pj nor i could hold it in.  we started laughing and tried to control it until the conversation with the officer had ended.  but oh, did we laugh about that one the rest of the way home! 
so when in doubt... pound it.  at least it'll be good for a laugh.


  1. . . . .ohhh. . . . .whew. . . . .I'm crying. . .AGAIN laughing about that one. Whew.

  2. bwahaha....I just laughed so hard reading that. thanks for sharing. I love you!...blond hair and all : )