Saturday, March 28, 2009

road trip!

i just got back from a four day trip to la with some friends.  ben, jaremy and i went to an audition and lane came along for the ride.  the weather was beautiful!  it was so fun to walk around in summer dresses and shorts and t-shirts.  remind me to move somewhere warm in the future.  i can't take utah's bipolar weather anymore.  
we did lots of fun things while we were there.  we hung out on santa monica peer, spent two days at the beach (i forgot how much i love the sound of the waves and how good for the soul it is just to walk along the beach), had frozen yogurt at pinkberry and yogurtland, visited the kodak theatre mall, did the walk of fame and visited the chinese theatre.  
lane and i went to lunch one day at a little restaurant called uwink.  it was really fun.  each of us had a little tv screen in front of us.  they have you order on the tvs and then use it to play games with everyone on your table.  lane and i played the "first date game".  it was actually really fun.  it had a bunch of questions for us to ask each other and, of course, we chose to ask all of the "spicy" questions.  i think i know lane a lot better than i used to... as if sharing a hotel room for 4 nights wasn't enough. :)
we also went to my favorite restaurant in downtown la called miceli's. it's the oldest italian restaurant in la.  it's been open for 60 years. the food is delicious and the restaurant itself is so ambianceful.  there's a really cute old man that plays live piano music.  the whole thing is adorable.  
the trip was so laid back and fun.  it's great to go on audition road trips with people that do it right.  i love my boys.  

at dinner with ben, lane, jaremy and kevin

lane's oval of destruction.  and yes, i destroyed him.

pinkberry.  how i've missed you.  lane likes it even better than yogurtland.  just ask him.

laner and i at lunch at the kodak theatre mall

our special night at the "adventure"

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  1. This made me want to go to the beach again...I'll have to plan a trip sometime soon: )
    You look beautiful in all your pictures, and I'm so glad you've got to do so many cool things your last few months of college