Tuesday, March 17, 2009


most people who know me now are surprised to find out that i was totally a tomboy when i was little.  i had a car collection and i begged my mom to let me wear my favorite collared red and white striped button-up every day.  most of my best friends were boys when i was little.  i guess they liked to play with me because i would play sports with them and actually put up a fight. while other girls were playing with their polly pockets at the age of 9, i was running hills and playing catch, helping my friend danny train for the football team.  i thought his helmet was the coolest thing on planet earth. ok, i may have had a polly pocket of my own too.
i love that it's finally starting to get warmer in provo.  makes me want to play catch. guess it's the tomboy in me.


  1. I'm not surprised you were a tom-boy but it's because I lived with you through the whole phase--but I'm sure that most people wouldn't guess it now though with your cute pink purses and matching earrings.
    My childhood was riddled with constantly having to make sure that my little sister wasn't better than me at playing baseball and driving bumper cars : )