Sunday, March 29, 2009


if you ever watch king james play, you can expect to see this... all night long. 

earlier in the semester ryan took me to a jazz game.  i was really excited because i love the jazz and jump at the chance to watch them play.  little did i know that this was no ordinary jazz game.  this was the jazz game that will forever mark the night i fell in love with a man named lebron james.  dear ex-boyfriends and all of the other men in my life, how in the world did you never mention to me the name lebron james?  you have failed me.  but it's alright, because fate made things right.  i haven't had that much fun watching anyone play basketball since jordan, whom i adore. lebron's passes are magical and he completely dominates on the court.  he had a whole handful of amazing dunks that night, which normally would have really frustrated me because i'm really competitive and can't stand to watch my team lose.  but lebron, you can come and beat my team any time you want.  i am a witness.  we are all witnesses.

dear lebron, i think i love you.

after the game, we ran over to try and get close to lebron.  as he was leaving, he threw up his sweatband.  the guy on the left caught it.  ryan stole a kiss despite the kung-fu panda grip of the excited, slightly untrusting new owner of the lebron game sweatband.

and i sweet talked the guy into letting me wear it for a picture. i'll never wash this forehead again.  ever.


  1. About Lebron. . .okay, yay. About the forehead. . .ew. I'll get you while you're asleep. . . .

  2., I didn't even know who Lebron James was : ) I've been in Asia for the past 3 years, give me a break (just a convenient excuse really, since I still wouldn't have known even if I lived in America : )