Tuesday, March 17, 2009

girly perks

i hate the song, "i enjoy being a girl".  but it's true... i love being a girl.  it has its perks.  
i've had a couple of moments in the past couple of weeks that have made me smile simply because i'm a girl.  
the other week i was hit by a guy who decided to make a u-turn across my lane and smash into the front-right corner of my car.  later in the week he called to make sure i was doing alright. i guess he was serious about making sure i was being taken care of and asked me to lunch that friday to prove it. maybe he wanted to make sure i was getting enough to eat as well as paying for a rental car far nicer than my own for a couple of days? pj rolled his eyes.  i just smiled.
last week it snowed here in provo.  yes... snowed... again.  don't ask me why.  one afternoon i had to run up to campus to turn in an assignment.  the parking area closest to the building i was going to was guarded by a campus parking monitor.  i smiled and told him i was just stopping in to drop off an assignment and i'd be right out.  i could tell he felt badly as he told me that he was only allowed to let faculty into that particular parking lot.  so i put on the sweetest face i could muster and said, "since it's so cold and snowing, can i just run in there and drop it off?" he smiled and let me pass.  parking monitor whoever you are, you were my hero that day!  and you reminded me how great it is to be a girl.
i also got pulled over for going 15 over in a construction zone coming back from california a couple of weeks ago and got off with a warning as a "gift from the sheriff's office" as the copper put it. thank you mr. nice police man! the boys i was with rolled their eyes and laughed.  i just smiled.


  1. Oh Becca! You are adorable. I dont know if you are experiencing perks of being a girl OR perks of being Miss Becca! ;)
    LOVE the blog. I will now be a faithful reader.
    Visit my bloggy blog if you have a moment.
    heart you!

  2. haha...love it. I'm also not sure if it's really perks of being a girl--it might just be perks of being pretty (which would explain why I also share in the benefits of some of those perks...haha : )