Monday, April 20, 2009

bitter-sweet goodbyes

today i said goodbye to more of my friends.  some i know i will see again.  others i hope i will see again, but there's no telling when.  i've been so excited about graduating and moving on with my life that i didn't realize how much i am going to miss certain things and people when i'm gone.  i always forget how much i hate leaving people until it sneaks up on me right before i go.  you'd think i'd be good at it by now, having moved around so much.  but the people you love are always hard to leave.  
yesterday as i was walking home from church, it hit me for the first time that i was leaving.  i got a little foggy-eyed and decided to take a little barefoot walk in the sunshine.  i thought about all the people i love and all the memories that i'm so grateful for.  the past day or two has been really nostalgic.   i'm a little torn inside.  part of me feels like this...

...because i'm GRADUATING and so excited for life's adventures!!!

but part of me is going to miss this...

and random moments with my friends like this...

dear friends, i love you!  thanks for being a part of my life and the college experience that i will always look back on with a smile.

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  1. I love that in poignant moments like that you choose to walk barefoot in the sunshine. You know how to love life and cherish the moment. and I love you! : )