Sunday, June 14, 2009

opening night!

finally!  no more rehearsal.  for a while, at least. thank buddah!
here are some photos from our annie and footloose openings...

not even all of the beautiful flowers... compliments of wonderful directors and friends.  

the talented corrine ivey helping rusty get 80s fabulous.

my birthday was the same night as our annie opening. daddy warbucks found out that no one had gotten me a birthday cake, so he brought one on opening night.  what a guy.

the man himself.  ron and grace.  daddy warbucks and annie.

the trio.  jenn and stacia.

jesse, josh and terranze

derryl yeagar.  our director/choreographer for footloose.
not sure how we ended up in a classic prom pose.

scott anderson.  our director for annie.


  1. Is this in New York? Congratulations on opening night and Happy Birthday!

  2. yay...there's nothing cooling than getting a birthday cake from Daddy Warbucks, aka suga' daddy.