Sunday, June 14, 2009

once in love with amy...

i'm sad that this is a day late.  we opened annie and footloose last night and the night before, so things have been a little crazy.

yesterday marked the birth of a girl that i love and admire.
happy birthday, ames!!
amy married my oldest brother, rob, 10 years ago this december.  it's crazy how time flies. 
we love having amy as a sister.  she's such a caring person.  
she's always interested in what's going on in our lives.  she has a way of getting giddily excited for us when she finds out about our little successes.  makes us feel like a million bucks every time.  amy's also a strong person and she's well read, which is something i love about her.  after all, it takes a brilliant woman to keep up with rob's mind.
  but most of all, she's an amazing wife and mother...

3 children later, she still manages to get more beautiful every time i see her.  
here are my adorable nieces...

bubby, ba and es on a sunday bike ride

 i liked amy the moment i met her.  from the beginning, rob and amy were that couple that everyone wanted to spend time with.  it's always amazed me how much they compliment each other.  it was easy for me to see, even as a 15 year-old when they started dating, that amy completed rob. she was definitely the missing piece to his puzzle. and now, 10 years later, their marriage continues to inspire me.  

one of the most beautiful families i've ever seen. ever.

happy birthday, ames!!  i was thinking about you yesterday!


  1. awww...I love you too Ames!!! I'm glad you were born and I'm so glad you're part of our family!