Sunday, June 7, 2009

just the two of us...

there's a boy i love.
his name is benjamin harrison schwartz.
he was born 27 years ago today.
he is my dashing older brother...

he also happens to be a chinese pop star...

his fans love him so much that they made him into a cartoon...
how many people do you know that have been made into a cartoon?

benji loves his family.  he is always reminding us how awesome our family is and how special the time is that we get to spend together.  and our nieces love him...

benji has always been my biggest inspiration.  when he was little he started singing.  his voice is beautiful.  i wanted to be just like him, so i started singing too.  later on he started to love dancing.  i felt betrayed.  i couldn't dance to save my life.  but again, i wanted to be just like him and i couldn't stand getting left behind, so i started to dance too...

our performing took us on adventures through hong kong, china and korea together.  and now it's taking us on a life journey, which we get to share together although we're miles apart.

benji, thank you for always seeing a greatness in me that i couldn't always see in myself.  you've always dreamed bigger dreams for me than i dreamed for myself.  and you're always encouraging me to do great things.  
you are the greatest champion of my creativity.  i dare to dream big because your dreaming big and following your heart has given me the permission to do so. 
 you've never been an average kid.  you've always been destined for great things.  you're one of the most brilliant and driven people i know.  but what i love most about you is that no matter where you go, and no matter what amazing thing you're doing with your life,  your heart is always at home.  you make me, and everyone else in our family, feel like we're the most important people in your life.  
you're one of my favorite people, benj.  everything's a little more fun, socially diverse :) and yet loving and sentimental when you're around.  you're one of my best friends and i can't wait to see where the future's gonna take us... just the two of us.


  1. Benji is our Super Idol forever and ever.

    Lots of Love!


  2. Aw...thanks Becca. I'm sitting in a cafe in Hong Kong reading this with tears in my eyes. Thanks for being such an amazing little sis! It's been a rough past few days, but I'll keep dreaming big if you do : ) I love you!!!!
    Your big bro,

  3. Wow. I think you just outdid yourself with that blog and laid your heart and writing genius bare. Wow. I love you. And you. Both.

  4. Hi Becca,

    I am one of your brother fans.

    I happen to view your brother blog and found video that you are sing
    "Defying Gravity" and i love it. i just want to say that you were Great!

    I live in London and I saw the show not long ago and i Love it.. seeing the video make me re-live some of the moment of the show.

    I happen to be fashion designer as well and i have told your brother if he is ever in London or i am in Taiwan for work i would love to work with him.

    Best Regards
    Danny Tang