Monday, June 8, 2009

to everyone who has a dream...

tonight a little group of us got together at aaron and darby's house to have a cookout and watch the tonys.  i loved it!  it was the first time i'd ever watched the tonys all the way through.  
i loved seeing angela lansbury win her 5th tony.  i loved liza minelli in all of her craziness.  i loved the three little billies that were just speechless up on that stand- especially the one on the left, who happens to be the billy i saw a few weeks ago, because you could tell he understood the weight of what had just taken place.  we laughed really hard when bret michaels got clobbered by the set piece as he exited the stage.  and i loved all the performances from the broadway casts.
but my favorite moment of the tonys was karen olivo's acceptance speech.  i love her.  i saw her in both "in the heights" and "west side story".  she is fierce.  so, along with karen olivo, i dedicate this little clip to everyone who has a dream.  some people will tell you that it will never happen.  sometimes you let yourself believe that you don't have what it takes.  but if you "stick with it and surround yourself with people who love you, you can do anything."


  1. She is so classy. I love you can do anything!!

  2. love you too, benj! love you, sister!!