Saturday, April 24, 2010

you ought to be in pictures...

bought this bad boy in st. maarten.

i'm having the best time taking photos of europe...

capturing moments in time, the faces of friends and beautiful things.

here are a few recents...

{bicicletas en barcelona}

{daddy/daughter moment at the bus stop in gibraltar}

{my gorgeous friend 't' in gibraltar, u.k.}

{cutie little rolie polie man shootin' the breeze in cadiz, spain}

{darling ocean-view, open-air cafe in madeira, funchal (portugal)}

{nueva cathedral in cadiz, spain}

{ toothless little gummy bear i caught smiling at me on the street in barcelona}

{geometrics in barcelona}

{rock of gibraltar}

{candid munchkins in gibraltar, u.k.}

{columbus circle in barcelona, spain}


  1. how many times can I say JEALOUS? the camera is amazing and the places are AMAZING!

  2. These pictures are amazing and so fun!