Friday, April 23, 2010

european adventureland

well, we did it.

we officially survived 6 sea days in a row!!

it was nice to have some extra time to work on projects and catch up on sleep. and by catching up on sleep, i mean forcing our bodies to deal with the fact that we were losing an hour on our clocks every night.

does the term 'jet lag' apply here or would we call it 'sea lag' in this case?

katie and i woke up early, as we pulled into portugal, to watch the lights of europe come into view.

it was gorgeous.

already this week has been glorious, with too many incandescently happy/beautiful moments to put onto paper.

adventures so far have included...

cable cars (with full ariel view of gorgeous european cities)

a madeiran flower festival parade

tobogganing down a mountain

being chased by a monkey

catching a glimpse of africa from the rock of gibralter in the u.k.

authentic spanish flamingo dancing in concert

spending time with beautiful people.

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