Tuesday, April 6, 2010

be careful what you wish for...

on my dream board last summer, I had a section full of pictures of places that I wanted to visit around the world. it was quite the random assortment of countries... spanning from russia and italy to africa and the caribbean.

little did i know, at the time, that in my near future awaited the cruise contract of a lifetime. a contract that would take me to just about every single one of those random countries. not only that, but a contract that would let me fulfill a lifetime dream of mine (being a disney princess) while make little one's dreams come true every day.

now that is nothing short of amazing.

i really believe that all we have to do is dream big, believe in those dreams and allow them (by our belief) to come effortlessly into fruition.

many times, God's (the universe, or what have you) dreams for us are often greater than the dreams we have for ourselves, so He'll add in a little bonus here and there.

may these be the first of a lifetime full of dreams come true.

dream big!

and be careful what you wish for... 'cause you just might get it.


  1. Becca! I love you so much! I love reading about all your adventures! Hopefully Aaron-face and I can come visit you on your little boat! :) (Especially because we get the good ol' discount from working at d-land) You inspire me! LOVE YOU!!!

  2. stephie, i would love, love, love that!! please come! i get friends and family discount too, so lets capitalize on whichever discount is best!

  3. My dream is that I get to hang out with you someday...