Sunday, April 4, 2010

t-minus 7

the count-down has officially begun. 7 days from now i will be sailing across the atlantic, headed towards the adventure of a life-time. a few nights ago we had an hr meeting detailing our ports of call; what to do, sights to see, food to taste.
i can sum that up in about ten words...
tower of pisa
freshly-made margarita pizza
tobogganing in madeira

...among other ridiculous things.

now that rehearsals have significantly died down, life does NOT suck. (emphasis on the 'not')
here is a little photo over-view of the past couple of weeks...

(a gorgeous day in st. maarten)

a starfish (the size of my face) that dad and i found on castaway cay (disney's private island)

with t, my wife and mosef on an excursion to st. john

snorkeling with k dub in st. john

my daddy came to visit. we had the BEST time. long talks, walks on the beach, introducing him to life on the magic.
love you, d!

a few of us went to lunch in st. thomas. this was our view from the cafe.

disney magic ambiancefulness (TM)

the cutest ship in the caribbean

voguing with my hotties (jto, andrew and lk) at our opening night party for villains


  1. Congrats becca! Looks amazing! BUT don't ever forget your first cruise experience with us.:)

    You look beautiful :) My you know what misses you. ;)
    love you!

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