Saturday, November 21, 2009

radio city rockettes

this past wednesday night, my friend claire and i went to see the radio city rockette's christmas spectacular. we were so stoked when we found out that they toured to toronto. neither one of us had ever seen them live. we excitedly reminded each other all day at rehearsal that we were seeing the show that night.
let me tell you, the rockettes do not disappoint. it was everything we'd hoped it would be. precision. absolute precision. wow. we were seriously giddy all night as we watched. my two favorite numbers were the toy soldier number and the ny sightseeing number. it was absolute perfection.
claire and i decided that we're going to be rockette holiday singers when we move to ny. it's gonna happen.

...the delightful little aussie herself

here's to a fancy, festive night on the town...


  1. Oh Becca! I am so jealous!!! My dear friend Lindsey from home AND Orlando (she was in B and B with me there...) was in that cast! OH! I am so jealous!

  2. You are already loving life up there. Think of us little people once in a while.

  3. um just thought you should know that as I was watching the show I was thinking, "wow Becca would be so great as a Rockette, I think she should definitely do that" Love you! :)