Friday, November 27, 2009

an evening with jason robert brown

the adventures of claire and becca continue!
this past money night, we spent an evening with this guy.
he was a little conceded. he was a lot a bit brilliant. he is a r.i.d.i.c.u.l.o.u.s. musician.
his songs and lyrics are so accessible and thought-provoking.
i've been a fan for a long time, so it was really fun to see him live.
he played...

"someone to fall back on" and "i could be in love with someone like you"
-from his album 'wearing someone else's clothes'

"being a geek" and another song that i forget the name of
-from a musical he wrote called '13'

"still hurting", "summer in ohio", "goodbye until tomorrow", "moving too fast" and "i'd give it all for you"
-from 'the last 5 years'

"honeymoon in vegas"
-from a new musical he wrote called 'honeymoon in vegas'

he invited a girl named chilina kennedy to sing a few of the songs/duets from the last 5 years. she's done a lot of theatre here in canada and she was brilliant. her voice reminded me a lot of sutton foster and there was such an honesty to her story-telling.


  1. um... LOVES IT!! I wish i could've been there so badly. what an amazing night.... loves jason