Thursday, October 1, 2009

"i can do this, i can do anything!"

benji came down to visit me this past weekend and it was EPIC.  we had so much fun.  sunday afternoon we headed to vegas.  we spent some time walking around some of the hotels... including my favorite; the venetian...

we went window shopping for clothes that were way too expensive for our pocketbooks... like this HOT $1500 D&G jacket

that night we went to BRITNEY!!  she pretty much lip-synched the whole concert, but you can't help but worship her.  the concert was amazing!

as we were walking out of the concert we accidentally met these three fellas, who offered us a limo ride to a club where some britney peeps were partying after the concert.

coolest brother/sister combo. ever.

we met some new friends at the club... including lance bass from n'sync (don't judge, emily!)

...and a drag queen named syren or "scott", who is originally from SL

that night we slept in our FREE hotel room in mesquite (thank you tuacahn and "dixie direct") and woke up early the next morning to go jump out of a plane...

that's right... we went SKYDIVING!!!!!  we're pretty hardcore. coolest life experience EVER. i was the first out of our group of four to make the jump.  that meant that i was the one that hung off the side of the plane, for at least a minute before jumping, while the plane circled into position.  i was actually surprised by how calm i was.  so. much. fun!
 benji and i made a skydiving pact.  right before we jumped out of the plane, we both looked over our shoulders at the camera and yelled, "i can do this, i can do ANYTHING!" ...and we can.  and we will!
  we owe these guys our lives...

on the way back to st. george we got pulled over going 15 over on the freeway and the cop let us off!!!  i love us.  

everything's a little more fun when benji's around.  i can't wait 'till i visit benji in LA and he visits me in NY.  so many fun life adventures still to be had!!
...and it's all going to begin in the caribbean.  becca/benji life adventures to be continued...


  1. Becca, Just found your blog; love at first sight. I'm asking permission to blog stalk you.

  2. best.weekend.ever!
    I love us!!! : )

  3. i love us so much! and chase, you can stalk me any day. :) love the skinny tie.