Tuesday, October 6, 2009

a change of scenery...

a 6 month contract in st. george, utah has been fun (don't get me wrong) but i'm ready for a change of scene!
i google-imaged a handful of the 28 or so cities i will visit on the cruise... and i got really excited!

bahamas (a.k.a. paradise... where the water is turquoise)

naples, italy (a.k.a. my dream country)

copenhagen, denmark

rome, italy (a.k.a. my dream country... AGAIN)

white cliffs of dover, england (something i used to sing about during assemblies at my all-girls school in england when i was little)

villefranche, france

villefranche, france again (the picture was too beautiful not to post)
stockholm, sweden

st. petersburg, russia (where i'll get to speak russian again!!)

you want to come visit me now, don't you?  i thought so.


  1. Wow! Congrats these are beautiful places! Steve and I will hopefully be in Russia the beginning of June. When will you be in St. Petersburg?

  2. I have been to a handful of your cities! Good pics. I love Italy, love England most especialy, Sweden is cool... and I still have to hit Denmark!! Who gets to go with you on this aweomse trip?

  3. Count me in for the Bahamas and the Caribbean! I can't wait to go on the cruise with you!!!!!!!! :)

  4. That all looks amazing Becca!! How fun.