Saturday, October 3, 2009


ever heard of it?  it'll change your life.
i'm not a fan of diets, in general.  but after comprehensively reading about hcg and hearing testimonials from people i trust, i felt differently about this one.
my mom's been doing hcg for a while now and she's looking and feeling great!

reader's digest version: hcg is a pregnancy hormone that draws out and flushes from the body abnormal fat cells while altogether re-setting the body's fat-storage mechanism.  

benji and i were so impressed with our mom's success that we decided to do hcg together. it's been quite the bonding experience.  today marks our 17th of 30 days.  we've already seen great results!  

hcg has been an amazing life experience.  it's shown me what a strong person i am.  i have so much will-power.  living on 500 calories a day isn't easy, especially when everyone around you is living on such a drastically different diet. 
hcg has also been one of the biggest mind-battles that i've ever encountered.  hcg helps you to not feel hungry, for the most part, while living on a 500 calorie diet.  but everyday is a battle of mind over matter.  so many days, especially while performing and before i was into the routine of hcg, my mind would tell my body "you've eaten barely anything today.  you must be starving!" but it's been empowering to know that i'm in control of not only my body, but also my mind.  in a way, it's made me feel more whole and at one with myself.  
it's been so worth it.  this is my time.  i deserve to be castable and feel confident in life and when i walk into an audition room.

hcg has become a fun joke among my friends.  i really miss normal food and i've taken to smelling everything that my friends eat.  and i mean everything.  but not only that, sometimes i make them eat things just because i can't. :)  one night allysa, dan and i decided to make a maverick treat run.  i wasn't about to actually buy food.  so, they laughed at me as i made the rounds to smell the krispy kreme, muffin and beef jerkey bins.

some people pay hundreds of dollars to get hcg shots from a clinic.  not a fan.  us schwartzes prefer to order ours online and take drops under our tongues.  much cheaper, much easier... less contact with needles!  hcg comes in a little package that looks like this...

we do the mixing ourselves.  the first time benji and i did it was in a hotel room in california.  we happened to leave the hotel door open and were positive that anyone walking by would think we were running a meth lab straight out of our room.
we administer the drops from a syringe.  it looks something like this...

tuacahn hosted a party one night at a beautiful mansion and i snuck away to take hcg.  a few of my friends were intrigued and followed me to the bathroom to observe...

if the idea of shedding abnormal body fat appeals to you, i definitely recommend hcg.  i'm not gonna lie, it's not for the faint of heart.  it definitely takes dedication.  but it's worth it.  it's an amazing life experience.  and regardless of what shape or size you come in, hcg will work for you.  i can promise you that.

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  1. yay for us! I'm so glad we are doing this adventure together.

  2. k, this sounds a lot less like a diet and a lot more like malnutrition. seriously, 500 calories a day is not healthy... for anyone! losing 1-2 pounds a day is also going to mess you up. your body is not supposed to sustain rapid weight loss like that.

    -concerned citizen.

  3. dear concerned citizen,
    don't be.

    p.s. "i wanna lose three pounds."

  4. So, i saw you post your blog on f-book. i wanted to see if you had any Disney pictures! YOU DO! i love seeing all those! It looks like you are having a blast! Your blog is so cute and i kept looking at it and saw this post! I have heard so much about the HCG diet. Where did you buy yours? My mom and i want to try it! We've heard lots of good things!