Monday, December 21, 2009

cruella photoshoot

just before our "villains" rehearsals came to a close, a small group of us were taken to a big warehouse here in toronto. the building, formerly a movie theatre, has been converted into a large photo studio.
after being gussied up in our "doggie" fashions, the six of us girls were led out into the studio for a cruella photoshoot (villains has a "project cruella" section... a la "project runway"). we were led into a giant room where one of the corners, including the walls and the floor, had been freshly painted white. there was a large screen set up and cameras and lights everywhere.
we were each filmed/photographed individually in each of our fashions and then photographed together.
it was such a fun day. i'd never been a part of a photoshoot like that.
and, to top it all off, they fed us yummy ethiopian food for lunch. i love the diversity of toronto.
life at disney is hard...

(rayna, tiffany, claire, gina, moi and katherine)

your resident "disco doggie diva"...

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