Sunday, August 9, 2009

rock stars

i'm friends with a whole bunch of rock stars.  here's a shout-out to just a few of my musical theatre rock-star friends:

tay tay is about to open the broadway revival of finnian's rainbow (

kevin is about to be part of one of one show in the 1st national tour of wicked

the brilliance that is presty sadlier is a part of mrs. sharp (

and this beautiful human being... cy bird... is about to go out on the national tour of annie

i'm so proud of and excited for you all.  loves!!!!  
dream big!


  1. You know, these people make me believe that my dreams will come true too.
    -Meredith Gibbs

  2. I've decided for my dreams to come true I need to change my gender. Whether its being with the gay man of my dreams or flashing my boyish grin to every gay/woman casting director out there. Yep...I've been contemplating but now its final.

  3. jenny, don't sell yourself short. a sensible sleep-your-way-to-the top method is always appropriate.