Saturday, February 28, 2009

celine the goddess

last weekend i went to the celine dion concert in salt lake city with one of my favorite friends, heidi webster.  wow.  celine dion is in her 40s now, but she is looking good!  her body looks amazing and heidi and i were coveting her dresses and amazing boots all night.  i don't know if you've ever seen celine live, but it is an experience.  there's something deeply inspiring about watching someone do what they were born to do.  she is flawless!  
she does some pretty hilariously awkward thing on stage, but you can't help but worship her. somehow her quirkiness is hugely endearing.  of course, it helps that she's one of the most talented singers of all time.  but more than that, she's one of the most gracious performers i have ever seen.  she is a goddess.  
i know and love just about every song that she sang at the concert.  it's amazing to me that celine dion has managed to remain popular over the span of 20+  years.  some of her songs reminded me of my childhood in england (all coming back to me...thanks brooke!).  others reminded me of jr. high and some of the past year in college.  amazing.  i hadn't realized what a big part celine has played in my life. :)  thanks celine.
i couldn't help but feel a little emotional as she sang the prayer.  i pictured benji and i on the yase camp stage...he in his tux and me in my big black madrigals trash bag dress.  and then i pictured us attempting to sing through our tears at rob and amy's wedding luncheon.  love you benj!
we also ran into ben, jaremy, jamie, annie, jared and alan at the concert.  and i ran into melinda and alex at will call.
so many friends that i love.  a night i will remember forever.

melinda and alex

heids and me

the group

Friday, February 27, 2009

dream big

i'm hoping that this blog will inspire me, as well as anyone who might read it, to dream big.  i really believe that if someone feels passionate about doing something with their life, they can make it matter what that something might be.  the only limits we have in life are the ones that we place on ourselves.  all we need to do is take the limits off our minds!  so, if you have a dream you've been holding inside, that you've been afraid to share because you're scared it might not happen...dream it.  live it.  if you can see and believe it, you can make it happen!  it might not happen right when you want it to happen or in the way that you expected, but it will happen.

         so...when you dream, dream big!  the sky's the limit.

i feel like my life is made up of one adventure after another, and i love it that way.  it keeps life exciting! i think this blog will be a good way for me to document my life adventures and share them with my family and friends. 

just this past year {in addition to school}  i've been to...
Australia for a month
vegas 3 times
la 5 times
nyc 3 times
florida 3 times
cabo san lucas and encinada mexico 
and i will go to both la and nyc again before summer begins!

in concert i've seen...
john mayer
gavin degraw
celine dion
and i'm determined to find a way to see britney in april!

while in nyc over the past year i've seen...
in the heights
legally blonde
all my sons
jersey boys
and mary poppins

but that's just the beginning.  this april i'll be graduating, and then life's true adventures will begin...